Reasons To Purchase OPPO A15 With Dual Lens Camera


Why should you buy OPPO A15 camera? It boasts of a brilliant combination of 15 MP, 2 MP, digital zoom, and two high-performance lenses. The shooting modes available on the camera are video, photo, standard mode, nighttime mode, photoreal mode, and professional mode. The five MP front cam offers better personal and creative options, delivering spectacular selfies.

The unique selling proposition (USP) of OPPO A15 is its extremely good battery life. For users on the go, the OPPO A15 allows for a maximum battery time of approximately eight hours so you can snap multiple photos and even do HD video recording. This smartphone is also easy to charge thanks to the built-in Quick Charge technology. On the contrary, the Oppo A15 Plus models have a longer battery life but they lack some important features such as HD video recording and dual cameras. Even though it has a large battery, the camera itself lacks some crucial features to ensure your photo shooting experience is absolutely top-notch.

There is no denying the fact that OPPO A15 has a great design. This stylish handset has a very modern appearance and comes with a smooth back plate which makes it appear compact. The dual camera, which comes in black and silver, is the star of this amazing smartphone. The OPPO A15 2.0 Mega pixel camera has a significant advantage over the normal one because it has a higher resolution. This enables the user to take crisp and clear images.

Aside from the camera, the Oppo A15 smartphone also has a powerful processor. The hexa-core processor of the Oppo A15 smartphone helps you easily enjoy your multimedia presentations. Even the Oppo A15S model, which is a low-priced smartphone, has an upgraded version with a quad-core processor. The powerful processor has the ability to speed up your applications and run faster.

Although the device has a great design, it is unfortunately priced at an extremely high price point. Users who are looking for good value for their money will find it hard to find the Oppo A15S in stores. The best way to get your hands on this amazing smartphone is to purchase it directly from OPPO through their website. You can also avail of the service if you are planning to purchase the phone online.

One of the biggest advantages of this smartphone is its ability to perform all tasks thanks to its large screen. You can use this powerful smartphone’s camera to take photos and videos, as well as its excellent picture and video quality. If you need more advanced features in your smartphone, the OPPO A15S with its eight megapixel camera also offers excellent imaging quality. This advanced photography tool also offers advanced portrait mode and a special effect picture mode that is ideal for shooting pictures in the night.

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